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Pašman delicacies

Pašman delicacies

Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

Gift boxes

Gift boxes


"Every day we are inspired by the untouched nature of the island of Pašman to create new natural, handmade cosmetics and food products."

Ana and Krsto Matulić


Handmade products

Locally sourced ingredients


Not tested on animals

  • Gift Box

  • Package for Men

  • Face Moisturizer For Men

  • Summer Box

  • Poklon paket prirodne kozmetike 3.
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    Cosmetic gift box 3.

  • Cosmetic gift box 2.

  • Aromatizirana morska sol
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    Gourmet Sea Salt

  • Sea_Tale_hand_Cream
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    Sea Tail organic hand cream

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    Lady Sunshine fast tanning cream

  • Maraška Aceto od MaraskeMaraška Aceto od Maraske 2
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    Maraska Aceto

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    Belle face cleansing foam

  • Hair and Body Shampoo for Men

  • Condiment-gift-box-Matulic-Pašman-1Condiment-gift-box-Matulic-Pašman-1
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    Condiments gift box

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    Pašman Libre fig aceto

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    Beauty drops hair and body spray

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    Pasmanero hot sauce

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    Essentielle Hyaluronic Face Serum

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    Rebelle face and body peeling

  • Balzam od lavande - Naturelle
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    Naturelle lavander balm

  • Immortelle
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    Immortelle day face cream

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    Eternelle day face cream


Customer comments

“This hyaluronic serum is perfection. Lovely light structure without feeling of “stickiness” after application. Smells divine, natural scent of geranium! The best hyaluronic serum I have tried and used for sure in the last 10 years, and I have tried many different brands! “

Danijela Iveljić

“I am delighted with your skin care products because after the first application you can clearly see the difference on your face! I am happy with the quality and the price and I started gifting your products as well. Everything that is made with love quickly finds its way to customers hearts.”

Dijana Horvatić

“Prodotti favolosi!!!! E ovviamente ottimi. Da provare tutti i prodotti il prossimo giro farò scorta !!!!!”

Nadia Masucci

“Heel erg leuke, toffe, natuurlijke producten! Kan niet wachten om ze te gebruiken!”

Elien Deruyck

“My face adores your immortelle cream.”

Tihana Katinic

“An unavoidable destination for us on Pašman island! I walked into the shop with the list again – creams for her one, serum for her one, jams, aceto … But this time the products came with a bonus, we spent the evening with the wonderful Ana Matulić and Krsto Matulic and their adorable little daughter Mare. My heart is full after spending time with these wonderful people.”

Maja Šimleša

“Hyaluronic serum proved to be a real discovery for me, it really suits my skin. It absorbs quickly and it is not greasy at all. In the summer I often used it without a day cream, or as a base before applying sunscreen. It is very practically packed and it’s in a dark bottle that protects the serum even more from the effects of light.”

Ivana Crvelin

“Fantastic serum, light, absorbs quickly, non-comedogenic which was most important to me, and smells wonderful. I put it on in the morning and in the evening before the night cream and my skin really feels lovely. My second bottle is near the end now, and I got my friends to try it also. Because I know that all the ingredients are natural, and that it is made in Croatia makes me even more happy. Thank you OPG Matulić and just keep up producing such great products, everything I tried was fantastic! “

Marina Nuzdić

“A product that enriches a salad, indispensable in my kitchen, whoever tries it once simply has to buy it again. Only few drops of the vinegar create a completely new food experience. It is suitable as a gift for friends and everyone who loves good food, serving and socializing over food … your aceto traveled from Pašman to Zagreb and to Paris and will tell its story about your hard work and tradition of the Pašman island and beautiful Croatia. “

Žanet Bilušić

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