Ana & Krsto Matulić.

Isolated life and untouched nature on Pašman island is a source of infinite creativity for our family. We base the quality of our handmade products on Pašman's tradition and locally grown and sourced organic ingredients.

Almost for a decade now, Matulić family, the owners of the organic cosmetics & food brand OPG Matulić is living and loving isolated island life in beautiful, untouched nature of Pašman island. They first started producing handmade soaps and now grew their brand to become awarded and recognized per their product quality and immaculate customer service all around Croatia but also in countries of European Union. They became a symbol of quality founded on island’s rich history and tradition.

OPG Matulić’s creativity and innovation have made their cosmetic and food products absolute must have’s. Ana who is charge of producing natural cosmetic products is following slow cosmetic movement. Her cosmetic products: soaps, shampoos, face creams etc. are hand-made out of olive oil and other locally grown ingredients in small quantities. The quality of Ana’s products was confirmed with her winning more then 20 island origin quality certificates.

"Untouched nature of Pašman island is the main source of our creativity and inspiration, our main motivation is our customer's need for knowing what is in the products they are using and how it effects their health. We come up with names for our products together usually during our Fall and Winter travels."

Ana Matulić

Delicacies from Pašman

Delicacies from Pašman

Almost ``overnight``, Pašman wine vinegar, internationally awarded Pašmanero - chili sauce, Pašman Libre - an awarded fig vinegar, flavored homemade olive oil or sea salt flavored with Pašman hand-picked herbs have found their way to true gourmets and chefs.
Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

While Ana's cosmetic products were slowly gaining cult status, especially the hydrating cream with immortelle - called Immortelle and hyaluronic Serum Essentielle, Krsto dedicated himself to food products, also based on the island's tradition and originality.
NEW: Chocolates

NEW: Chocolates

Krsto learned how to make chocolates from Robert Perić, a confectioner and chocolatier from Pula. In our offer you can now find chocolates with chili and two types of acetto.

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OPG Matulić was also awarded at Noćnjak, they twice received the Sunflower award for rural tourism, and their products have become a trademark of the islands of Pašman and Zadar County.

The popularity of Krsto’s products on the domestic market was accompanied by success before an extremely strict foreign jury.

Pašmanero hot sauce and Pašman Libre balsamic vinegar won the prestigious Superior Taste Award in Brussels two years in a row, and Krsto Matulić became the first small Croatian producer to win this award.

But the international awards do not end there, at the beginning of 2020 in Brescia, Italy, at the first International Taste Awards in Italy, family brand OPG Matulić received three awards: gold for fig vinegar Pašman Libre and silver for hot chili sauce Pašmanero and Pašman vinegar.

The added value to the island products of the Matulić family was original and recognizable visual identity, which is designed by The Hand Design Studio.

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