Lisnate košarice s gorgonzolom, artičokama i pašman libreom

Puff pastry baskets with gorgonzola, artichokes and Pašman Libre

Puff pastry baskets with gorgonzola, artichokes and Pašman Libre. You can prepare this refined snack for sudden guests in just 15 minutes.

Kozice u kokosovom mlijeku s pašmanerom

Thai shrimp with coconut milk & Pašmanero hot sauce

We decided to take our Pašmanero hot sauce on an Asian adventure with shrimp and coconut milk thai recipe.

Mrkva glazirana medom i acetom od maraške

Carrots glazed with honey & our marascino aceto

Glazed vegetables is something we usually eat in fine restaurants, but preparing them at home is really not difficult. Carrots are easy but often overlooked side dish.

Svinjski file punjen šunkom i sirom

Pork fillet stuffed with ham and cheese

In the continental Croatia, we fill the popular pork loin with ham and cheese and spiced it with our flavoured salt.There is no salty dish that our gourmet sea salt does not make better.

Ljubičasta coleslaw salata

Purple coleslaw salad

Plain coleslaw salad consists of grated cabbage, carrots, mayonnaise, honey and apple cider vinegar. Since there is also a purple cabbage, why wouldn’t a coleslaw salad be purple?

Keto cheesecake s pašmanerom

Keto cheesecake with Pašmanero hot sauce

We experimented with keto cheesecake recipe and discovered that Pašmanero hot sauce can indeed be an integral part and that final touch for one of the most popular desserts – a cheesecake.

Kajgana sa špinatom, feta sirom i pašmanerom

Scrambled eggs with spinach, feta cheese & Pašmanero sauce

Scrambled eggs with spinach, feta cheese & Pašmanero sauce – eggs just like most other mild foods actually really fit well with hot pepper sauces. Just a drop of Pašmanero sauce is enough for a very special gastronomic experience.


Tuna tagliatelle with Marasca aceto

Precisely because tuna has the properties of “fish steak”, it can be prepared in the same way as this more valuable piece of meat. Many people’s favorite tagliata, a larger, abruptly roasted piece of steak cut into slices, is a great choice even if you can get a larger steak of fresh tuna.


CHOCO LIBRE – how our chocolate story began

Choco Libre is more than a chocolate, it is a special delicates product that takes our signature, internationally rewarded fig vinegar to a whole another level.

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