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Our best natural products for dry hair and skin care

If you belong to the group of people whose hands, lips and the rest of the body are like sandpaper as soon as you are exposed to wind, or if the ‘new normal’ has dried your skin from disinfectants, then this is the right article for you.

Dry and chapped skin is a very common occurrence and that is why we need to moisturize and nourish it regularly with natural products that do not contain harmful ingredients. The symptoms of dry skin can be quite uncomfortable.

Some of them, in addition to roughness, are itching, redness, flaking and even pain.

4 products to help solve or alleviate

the problem of dry and tight skin



Pasman balm is a universal cream for sensitive skin that can be used for the face, hands, elbows and lips. Lavender hydrates dry skin, and beeswax creates a protective barrier on the skin, thus protecting it from external influences. This is a product you should always have in your purse.



Body and hair spray after showering and sunbathing. Ideal for dry hair or skin. The spray is two-phase: The aqueous phase contains lavender, rosemary and aloe vera hydrolate. The oil phase contains olive, almond and apricot oil. The combination of various hydrolates and oils simultaneously refreshes, nourishes and hydrates the skin. It does not leave a greasy mark, it is quickly absorbed into the skin. Lavender and rosemary hydrolates have a relaxing effect and hydrate the skin. Vegetable oils protect the skin from drying out and give it softness and the necessary care.


3. IMMORTELLE is our super-star.

Moisturizing cream for daily care of dry facial skin. Immortelle stimulates regeneration and microcirculation, so it can also be used for the area around the eyes. Apricot kernel oil restores skin cells and stimulates elasticity, so this cream is also suitable for mature skin. Due to its exceptional nutrition, it can be used as a day and night cream.

Almond oil is used in the care of sensitive facial skin, strengthens the protective functions and helps maintain balance, moisture and elasticity of the skin. Immortelle cream is an ideal care for dehydrated, dry and mature skin.


4. SEA TAIL is our new product.

It is a nourishing, moisturizing and protective hand cream. Contains olive oil, panthenol, urea and orange essential oil. It is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin nourished and soft. This cream is recommended for daily use in dry skin care. Sea Tail moisturizes the skin, has a regenerative effect and helps heal cracked and sensitive parts of the skin. Intensively and long-lasting hydrates and reduces the feeling of tightness. If you nourish your skin with natural products every day, you can happily take a walk in the next storm.

Dry skin care in 3 steps


Dry skin is still one of the most common skin conditions, especially in the population over the age of thirty. Sometimes dryness is caused by the natural aging process and genetic predispositions, but often we are responsible for such a condition ourselves.

Using aggressive face washes, eating improper diet, exposing the skin to the sun without sun protection – all this can be a trigger for dry and sensitive skin in the future. In order to provide our skin with the necessary nutrients and hydrate it, we need to be careful what we use in our daily skin care routine.


1. Clean your face with natural foams or gels that do not further dry the skin.

Facial cleansing is the first step in care and that is why we must be careful when buying face cleansing products. It is recommended that facial cleansers are mild, contain hydrolates and natural surfactants and do not leave the skin feeling dry and tight after use. In our line, you offer Belle facial cleansing foam, which contains as much as 70% immortelle hydrolate and aloe vera, which provide additional care for dry skin.


Use face peeling once a week to shed dead skin cells and encourage the regeneration of new ones. Creamy peels are good for dry skin. Rebelle is an example of a peeling that simultaneously nourishes and cleanses the skin. During the facial massage, the cream is absorbed into the skin, and the apricot kernels are then washed off.


2. Make a DIY face mask.

Be creative, peek into the kitchen and make yourself a nourishing face mask. Our homemade favorite is a honey mask. Just apply it on your face and leave it on for 5 minutes. Massage your face into the face with a little lukewarm water before rinsing. Honey is rich in antioxidants and is an excellent natural skin moisturizer.


3. Use moisturizers daily.

Make your choice a nourishing, moisturizing cream with fine oils and hydrolates. If you don’t already have your favorite cream, take a look at our webshop and look for Immortelle. It is ideal for daily care of dry facial skin.

Dry skin care requires more attention, but if you hydrate and nourish your face with appropriate preparations in time, the results will not be missed!