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Scrambled eggs with spinach, feta cheese & Pašmanero sauce

Kajgana sa špinatom, feta sirom i pašmanerom

So far, we have experimented with Pašmanero sauce in various appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and even desserts.

Should we spice up even our breakfast? We should!

All egg dishes, just like most other mild-tasting foods, actually really fit well with hot pepper sauces. Whether you combine vegetables, cheese, ham, sausage or bacon with eggs – just a drop of Pašmanero sauce is enough for a very special gastronomic experience.

You can put a drop of Pašmanero sauce on boiled eggs, fried eggs on the eye, poached eggs, scrambled eggs or omelet.

We are sharing a very simple yet very tasty scrambled eggs recipe.

What do you need for scrambled eggs with spinach, feta cheese and Pašmanero?

Scrambled eggs with spinach, feta cheese & Pašmanero sauce



  • Beat the eggs in a cup or a bowl with a fork.
  • Melt the butter in a pan and add the spinach. Simmer over medium heat for about half a minute, just long enough to wither.
  • Add feta cheese.
  • Pour the egg mixture on the pan and immediately start tossing it with the cooker on the pan
  • Simmer for just a minute or two and season with salt and few drops of Pašmanero sauce.

CHOCO LIBRE – how our chocolate story began


With us, everything starts spontaneously, so did this handmade chocolate. Choco Libre is more than a chocolate, it is a special delicates product that takes our signature, internationally rewarded acetto to a whole another level.

Pašman Libre is our first bestselling product and that is why we wanted to to reinvest it in various different ways.

Believe it or not, essentially, Krsto made this chocolate for himself, and everyone who tasted it was thrilled and was asking for more! 😊

We will never make it in large quantities, as it is handmade and the production process is long.

It will only be available when Krsto is inspired and each series will be a little different, because that is what makes it truly special.


Once you start production, development never stops. First you do the research, then you plant the ingredients: chilli peppers, olives, figs or aloe vera plants. Next, you think about all the endless possibilities that this moment offers you, and then you make something special out of what you have. It is a wonderful feeling when you finally turn your raw material and the idea into a unique product.

That’s how we came to chocolate in our development, even though it wasn’t in our plan. We had our fig vinegar, Pašman Libre, which we wanted to give another life. The chocolate was exactly what was perfect for it! We didn’t want to just learn from our mistakes and try to make chocolate until something “fell out” of the mold.


When you are a manufacturer for a long time, one of the good things is to stop fooling yourself that you can do everything yourself and that everything is online. If you want to launch a quality product, then you really have to work hard and educate yourself. We decided to reach out to and learn from Robert Perić, an excellent pastry chef and chocolate maker, a man who knows how chocolate ‘breathes’.

Robert spent two days in our production plant and introduced us to the secret life of chocolate. We enjoyed learning, production, stories about the history of chocolate and of course tasting! 😊

As Krsto has always been a fan of everything sweet, he was caught by a real chocolate madness, so for days he produced and tried combinations of acetate and various types of chocolate. And so began this sweet chocolate story of ours. After fig vinegar and maraschino, Choco Libre arrived, a completely different chocolate with vinegar and olive oil. An upgrade to Matulić delicacies. Another venture that makes us happy. We hope it will cheer you up too <3