The best dads


As part of the “The best dad” project, seventh graders participated in making balms in our lab. We are proud to have been chosen to participate in this wonderful project. Thanks to Vladimir Nazor Neviđane Elementary School.

The project “The best dad” was conceptually designed and led by elementary school teacher Mrs. Ivana Medić.

“The best dad” project is part of the LORA initiative – Laboratory of Sustainable Development of the Bioteka Association from Zagreb, whose name stands for five creative and diligent members who have a guiding idea to make something interesting, new and different for children. One primary school from each county in Croatia is involved in the project.

“I asked myself and some other people in school how come fathers don’t participate in school life and the answer was always, “That’s the way it is here!” That intrigued me. After we went through project guidelines, all schools were given the task to design a program that would suite the specific needs of the each particular school, so the project “The best dad” was created in our school to address participation of fathers in their children school projects.”

Ivana Medić

The aim of the project was to design eight activities at school and throughout the island that students of all eight grades would be able come with their fathers to do. The response was great, and even better were the fathers own ideas for activities with the children. In the background of the project is actually the idea of ​​giving fathers the opportunity and open invitation, approval if you will, to participate in the school-life of their children.

Each class was engaged in a different activity, so the seventh graders made balms in the Matulić family store with Ana and Krsto.

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